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World Health Day 2017

“It’s all in the mind,” they say.

“You just have to stop obsessing about it,” they say.

If that’s true, approximately 350 million people across the world are obsessing about something that’s just in the mind. It is about time that we stop being lax about depression and really see what it is about. Depression is becoming more widespread than we think, affecting younger and older alike. This year’s World Health Day theme is depression and the message – Let’s talk.

Depression can be caused by situational circumstances or be bio-chemical in nature. Scientists are also linking depression to genes. Depression is usually accompanied by symptoms such as bad temper, mood swings, change in behavior, change in appetite, suicidal feelings and feeling of emptiness or worthlessness.

It is not just in the mind

While on the outside, a depressed person may not show any physical symptoms, a review of research published in June 2015 in the American Journal of Psychiatry showed that the brain structures and circuits of those who were depressed were different from those who weren’t.

The Azkkan way of healing

At Azkka, we believe that every person has the power to heal depression with positivity and purity. A study was carried out by Arizona State University found that depression patients practicing affirmative messages as supplementary treatment found it the most influential part of the treatment. So this World Health Day, pledge to help someone or help yourself fight depression with words of positivity.