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Product Name/SKU Name Azpro (Check Product Availability)
HSN Code 12119019
Pack Size (Strip/ Bottle/ Pack) 200gm
Pack Units 1
Product Form Sachet
Composition (Salt Name) or ingredient name in case of OTC/ AYUSH Salvia hispanica L Seeds
Strength of the product Salvia hispanica L Seeds 200gm
MRP per Strip/ Sachet/ Bottle 299
Marketer Name Azkka Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.
Flavour Neutral
Size/Color / Variant -
How product works Salvia hispanica L seeds (Azpro) will form a gel after immersion in water or any other liquid source. Due to its neutral taste it is very palatable. Azpro will hold upto 20 times water because of high fiber content. This gel fills up the stomach causing a mechanical barrier and thereby satiety. The Omega 3 fatty acids play a vital role along with fiber in reduction of Insulin resistance and thereby controls Diabetes, reduces blood pressure and offers heart protection over long term. The proteins, Omega 3 fatty acids and minerals will provide enduring energy for long term
Side Effects Azpro should be used with caution in renal patients due to high content of potassium.
How to Use 10 gm to 30gm per day as directed by physicians
IN Depth Information "Azpro / Salvia hispanica L- Therapeutic Lifestyle Modifier Salvia seeds have been used since centuries in South America. The average consumption across Europe per day is 27grams. Salvia seeds have been approved and adopted as life style modifier in all developed countries, including Europe and USA. Salvia seeds have high content of Omega 3 fatty acids and Fibre along with other nutrients. Omega 3 content is 2 gm per 10gm of Salvia seeds. It is the highest natural source of omega 3 fatty acid (Alpha Linoleic Acid or ALA). 1.5 gm of ALA is the recommended daily requirement. 10 gm of Salvia seeds provide 2 gm. ALA content in the body is inversely proportional to CVD. Salvia has been tested for its benefits in Randomized Clinical Trials, which are published in international journals. Salvia seeds caused decrease in systolic and diastolic blood pressure. (Only omega 3 to have data in BP reduction) SBP reduction was 6 to 10mmHg. Salvia decreased systolic BP significantly even without antihypertensive therapy. Salvia reduced lipid peroxidation and decreases procoagulants. Salvia caused reduction of Triglycerides and LDL in metabolic syndrome patients. The TG reduction was 23mg/dl. Salvia seeds caused reduction of FBS/PPBS and HbA1C in Diabetic population. Salvia seeds caused PPBS reduction which was compared having similar effect like Acarbose. Salvia caused increase in insulin sensitivity in both diabetic and healthy population, which was measured by AUC. Salvia caused reduction of weight in obese population. Salvia increase energy endurance in a trial conducted in sports athletes. Salvia caused loss of appetite. Salvia is compared to flax seeds and oat bran in RCT. The decrease in PPBS, Increase in insulin sensitivity was more with Salvia. Salvia seeds promote weight loss and improves of obesity related risk factors, while maintaining good glycaemic control. It is indicated as Therapeutic life Style modifier for Secondary/Primary/ and Primordial Prevention of CVD. 10g-30g of Salvia per day along with standard therapy in secondary and primary prevention. 10-30g of Salvia per day as therapeutic life style in healthy population. Azpro is synthesized in organic way approved by FDA/ European Union. There are no reports of allergy or any serious ADR across the world, which is confirmed by all the important Allergic Associations across the world. "
Preferred Category/Uses of the product if OTC(e.g. Skin Care, Hair Care, etc) Nutraceutical for Caridiac protection in Diabetics, Hypertensives, Metabolic Syndrome patients and also for healthy population.
Therapy Class Therapeutic Lifestyle Modification