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Azuvas Gold 20

Product Name/SKU Name Azuvas Gold 20 (Check Product Availability)
HSN Code 3004
Pack Size (Strip/ Bottle/ Pack) 10 Tabs
Pack Units 1 x 10
Product Form Capsule
Composition (Salt Name) or ingredient name in case of OTC/ AYUSH Rosuvastatin 20mg + Clopidogrel 75mg + Aspirin 75mg
Strength of the product Rosuvastatin 20mg + Clopidogrel 75mg + Aspirin 75mg
MRP per Strip/ Sachet/ Bottle 109.9
Marketer Name Azkka Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.
Flavour -
Size/Color / Variant -
How product works Azuvas Gold 20 Capsule is a combination of three medicines: Rosuvastatin, Clopidogrel and Aspirin which prevent heart attack and stroke. Rosuvastatin is a lipid lowering medication that blocks the body’s ability to produce “bad” cholesterol (LDL) and improves the level of "good" cholesterol (HDL). Clopidogrel is an antiplatelet medication. It prevents the platelets from sticking together and decreases the formation of harmful blood clots. Asprin is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) with anti-platelet action. It works by preventing platelets from sticking together which decreases the formation of harmful blood clots. This lowers the chance of heart attack or stroke.
Side Effects Indigestion, Diarrhoea, Stomach pain, Constipation, Weakness, Bruising, Headache, Dizziness, Muscle pain, Hematoma, Nose bleed, Increased glucose level in blood, Gastric bleeding, Black/dark colored stools, Increased liver enzymes. Gastrointestinal irritation, Nausea, Vomiting, Dyspepsia, Gastritis, Bleeding disorder, Reduced blood platelets, Gastric erosion, Gastric ulcer.
How to Use Take this medicine in the dose and duration as advised by your doctor. Swallow it as a whole. Do not chew, crush or break it. Azuvas Gold 10 Capsule may be taken with or without food, but it is better to take it at a fixed time.
IN Depth Information Aspirin helps prevent future heart attack and clot-related (ischemic) stroke with minimum side effects. Take with food to avoid the risk of bleeding in the stomach or intestines. Notify your doctor if you notice black stools or cough up blood (however small the amount). Discontinue Asprin right away and notify your doctor if you have ringing in your ears, abnormal bleeding, or nausea or vomiting that doesn't go away. Do not use Asprin for fever in children < 18 years of age as it may cause neurological side effects. People with nasal polyp and asthma can have a severe allergy to Asprin.
Preferred Category/Uses of the product if OTC(e.g. Skin Care, Hair Care, etc) Rosuvastatin with Clopidogrel Capsule is used for heart attack / stroke prevention. Addition of Asprin decreases the chances of having another heart attack or stroke from a disease related to your heart or blood vessels.
Therapy Class Statin/ Anti-cholesterol with Antiplatelets
Treatment of high cholesterol Cholesterol is a waxy substance that's found in the fats (lipids) in your blood. While your body needs cholesterol to continue building healthy cells, having high cholesterol can increase your risk of heart disease. High cholesterol can be inherited, but it's often the result of unhealthy lifestyle choices, and thus preventable and treatable. A healthy diet, regular exercise and sometimes medication can go a long way toward reducing high cholesterol. Rosuvastatin (Azuvas) lowers "bad" or high cholesterol (LDL). It helps prevent heart attack and stroke. Regular exercise and low-fat diet further help to lower levels of fat in the blood. Azuvas prevents one death in every 50 patients with heart disease treated over 4 to 5 years. It is better to take in the evening. In general, rosuvastatin (Azuvas) is safe.