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Knowing The Worlds Number One Killer & How To Defeat It! | Happy World Heart Day!

World Heart Day, which falls on the 29th of September every year rings a bell on the social media platforms, making everyone aware about the risks and then dies out on the very next day – most people forget about it, most of them start an exercise regime only to discontinue it in a month or less.

Cardiovascular Diseases (CVDs) are the World’s Number One Killer because they account for over 17 million deaths every year, exceeding cancer. It has been predicted that over 23 million people will die because of CVDs by 2030. Also, Heart Diseases and Stroke take lives of over one third of the women worldwide. It is a fact that in just 20 years, the rise in the number of people dying of CVDs went up to a staggering 1 billion from 600 million. Facts even reveal that 1 in 10 school going children are overweight, 1 billion people globally are smokers, 23% of the adult population leads an inactive lifestyle and diabetes has almost increased to 50% in the last decade.

This World Heart Day, the theme is ‘Share the Power’, wherein the idea is to make small changes in your life that can make a large scale difference. So, share how you power your heart and inspire millions of people across the globe to keep their heart healthy. Since CVDs are preventable diseases, let’s see things you can change that can help you prevent falling prey to this killer disease.

Lifestyle Habit Changes

Quit smoking & consuming alcohol, exercise for at least an hour every day or at least be active, stop being lazy, control your anger and stress, control your blood pressure and weight.

Diet Changes

Say no to Junk and oily food, control your diabetes and cholesterol by eating less oily & fatty foods. Start adhering to a healthy diet plan, include Superfoods like Chia Seeds, which are available in the market. Azpro is one such superfood brand that is beneficial by helping you control your hunger & increase your metabolism.

Regular Health Check-ups

Six monthly full body check-ups are a must to check for any changes in your blood pressure or cholesterol and to see if your heart is healthy.

By implementing simple steps and abiding by the steps mentioned here, you can stay away from the World’s Number One Killer – Cardiovascular Diseases. So this World Heart Day, take a pledge to Share the Power and inspire someone around you to change their lifestyle by doing so yourself.