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How to develop healthier habits?

Meet Mr. Sharma. He is in his late 30s, has two kids and quickly growing a bulging waistline. He decides to do something about it, so he enrolls at the local gym and starts watching his diet. He loses 1 kg in the first week itself. The 2nd and the 3rd week, the weight refuses to budge and by the end of the month, he is completely demotivated to try.

This is not the story of Mr. Sharma alone.

Millions of people around the globe are fighting weight issues and are failing miserably.

So why do these people fail?

The answer lies in habits.

Human beings are creatures of habits.

They fall victim to bad habits that lead to a downward spiral.

The best way out of this downward journey is to develop healthier habits. Remember, it takes 21 days to develop new habits and 90 days to develop a new lifestyle. This is known as the 21/90 rule.

Here are 5 ways to develop healthier habits in 21 days and stick to them for a better lifestyle.

Think of future

The plain vanilla truth of healthy habits is that they are not usually easy and they tend to fore you out of your comfort zone. The first step to any health goal, be it losing excess weight or quitting smoking, is to think of a glorious future. Think how you would look a year down the line or in an important life achievement.

Act now

Once you have long-term goal in place, figure out ways to reach there. Always keep your end goal in mind to motivate you in tough times. Take small incremental steps from day 1, exercise a little more daily, eat a little healthier daily, or set weekly/monthly goals. Remember, it is the small steps that lead to big victories.

Ask for support

In this journey to be a healthier you, ask for support from friends and family. Remember, you cannot rely on your intrinsic motivation, judgment and confidence. You need friends and family to ensure you stick to your path no matter what.

Increase your ability

It is quite possible that you might become set in your ways and routine and forget to try harder. It is very important to increase your ability. The best way to increase ability is seek help from experts or get training. You may even use supplements or resources that can make your life easier.

Avoid triggers

There are always going to be triggers that might halt your progress in developing healthier habits. Try to identify these triggers and then make sure you avoid them.

At Azkka, we believe in the philosophy of health by virtue and not medicines. And the first step towards is it be developing a healthier lifestyle and giving up unhealthy habits.