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The Ideal Diabetic Lifestyle

Diabetes is an all India pandemic and spares no demographic or location. In such a scenario it is increasingly important to not only raise awareness about the disease but also come up with effective and sustainable management solutions to allow all those affected to live a normal and healthy life.

Whether it be TYPE-1 or TYPE-2 Diabetes the role played by lifestyle modifications in patient maintenance is very significant. As a patient of diabetes, all food intake must be carefully chosen and
a daily schedule has to be planned keeping in mind regular time for meals and activities involved.

Below are a few suggestions as to how the diabetic can order their routine so as to have an active day while adhering to their treatment guidelines.

Plan an Active and Early start:

One problem that all diabetics face is a lack of energy. Start your day half an hour early. This half an hour must be utilized for any simple, low impact and repeatable physical exercise like walking, jogging and even Yoga & Pranayam! A daily exercise routine will add energy to your day and contribute a lot to overall diabetes management.

Look Forward to Your Meals:

Diabetics have to take care about the quantity and quality of food intake. Although eating for a diabetic may sound like a doomed scenario it is far from so. With the bevy of natural, organic supplements and recipes available eating healthy is getting easier by the day. Since diabetes medication is almost always to be used in conjunction with meals a very important ritual can be created around meals. Planning meals carefully in advance, following regular meal times and adhering to drug dosage schedule is the key to diabetes care.

Take Critical Breaks:

Being a metabolic disorder, diabetes has significant impact on the output and well-being of the person. This may lead to periods of dullness or lethargy. The best idea to tackle this Is to give the body a little rest when it demands it. A 15-minute nap break during work, 5-minutes away from your desk every hour and an 8-hours of restful sleep will keep you fresh and active throughout the day.

It may seem like a tall order at first but these modifications prepare the ground work for complete diabetes management. Taking control of the routine allows greater flexibility and freedom for the patient.

The above-mentioned suggestions along with regular medical consultations and follow-ups opens the doors to a healthy, normal and active daily life for all diabetics.



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