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Planting the Seeds of Good Health: Chia Seeds

It is a proven fact that good health is the sum total of good diet, regular exercise and nutritional supplement. In this day and age, it is next to impossible to maintain good health with just diet and exercise. This is why, nutritional supplements are recommended to be added over and above a balanced, nutritious diet.

Several studies suggest that including chia seeds as part of a healthy diet may help reduce cardiovascular risk factors such as cholesterol and blood pressure fluctuation. Although a wide-scale research is yet to be undertaken, several small studies have resulted in the same conclusion – chia seeds are a powerhouse of nutrients and can bring immense benefits.

So how do Chia seeds bring these benefits?

A single ounce of Chia seeds contain 11 grams of fibre, 4 grams of protein, 5 grams of Omega-3s fat and a decent amount of zinc, vitamin B3, potassium, thiamine and vitamin B2. It contains 18% of calcium, 30% of manganese, 30% of magnesium and 27% of phosphorus of the recommended daily allowance. Chia seeds also have a high amount of antioxidants.

According to a study published in European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Chia seeds significantly help in reduction in postprandial glucose excursion and leads to prolongation of satiety. Another study found that consumption of 37 g/day of Chia seeds improve cardiovascular risk factors by reducing blood pressure, inflammatory and coagulation markers in subjects with well-controlled type II diabetes.

With obesity and diabetes becoming a nation-wide health problem in India, it is imperative that we take extra care in maintaining our heart health. Given that chia seeds are high in fibre, consumption of these seeds after meals could help in reducing blood sugar spikes after meals. The protein in chia seeds is also believed to help in reducing appetite and thereby food intake.

At Azkka, we believe in the philosophy of health by virtue and not medicines. And the first step towards is it be developing a healthier lifestyle and giving up unhealthy habits.