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Two Regular Cans of Cola Could Be the Reason behind Your Foul Temper

A study conducted in the University College London’s Institute of Epidemiology and Health found that a daily intake of 67g of sugar can lead to mood disorders, especially among men. While depression and mood swings can be triggered by a number of reasons, it seems that sugar can make it worse.

Numerous studies have already pointed out the harmful effects of sugar but this particular study, is quite important because it was conducted over a period of 3 decades and compared rates of mental problems in more than 5000 men and 2000 women in the UK.

Participants were placed into three groups according to their daily sugar intake. After five years, men in the top tier (with higher sugar intake) were 23 per cent more like to have developed a common mental disorder such as depression or anxiety than those in the bottom group. The men in the top tier consumed more than 67g of sugar daily as compared to the bottom tier that consumer less than 40g.

While the research was conducted in far off lands, the situation isn’t brighter this side of the home. India is a glutton for sugar and from traditional Indian sweets to biscuits and cookies at breakfast, through to tea and coffee breaks – we seem to be consuming sugar in every meal at every time of the day. Even the innocent looking glass of buttermilk has high glycemic load and can raise a person’s blood glucose level instantly.

An article authored by Dr. Seema Gulati and Anoop Mishra pointed out that there is a substantial increase in high-sugar foods such as processed foods, beverages, and sugary treats. If the situation doesn’t improve, India would be a hotbed for depression, obesity, diabetes and a multitude of other health problems in a decade.

At Azkka, we believe in prevention rather than cure. While medicines may help you, only you can completely heal yourself by staying away from unhealthy foods and lifestyle habits.