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We Found the Top 10 Traits of a Virtuous Doctor

Have you ever wondered why you like some doctors and dislike some? Turns out there’s data that shows why we prefer some doctors over other. Priceonomics did a survey for their customer, ZocDoc, to find out why some doctors get better reviews than the other.

There were some constant, repetitive patterns in the patient reviews that led to the conclusion that doctors who were friendly, made the patients feel comfortable, were knowledgeable, caring, pleasant, informative, personable, understanding and above all were a good listener, got higher reviews. Patients also preferred doctors who gave them multiple options for therapy, dates, treatment, insurance, and so on.

Although there is no rocket-science behind what qualities a virtuous doctor must possess, however, recently the patient-doctor trust is on the downfall and hence it seemed to be a good idea to post a blog on how doctors can win this trust again.

At Azkka, we have met numerous virtuous doctors who put patient health and priorities above everything else and we are glad to say that they outnumber unprofessional doctors. They are in every street, every area, every city – as a matter fact our country is filled with virtuous doctors who are loved by their patients. Here’s a detailed infographic of what makes a doctor liked or disliked by their patients.